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What's New
The Wound Care Program
Meeting the challenges of chronic wounds

Specializing in the provision of integrated, multi-disciplinary, professional medical and surgical treatment of chronic diabetic, pressure and vascular wounds.

Facts About Wound Care and Treatment
Sometimes, despite your best efforts and close medical supervision patientís wounds donít heal.
* Non-healing wounds can lead to infection, morbidity, amputation and mortalityÖ.
* Every year, chronic diabetic, pressure and vascular wounds affect 3 to 5 million Americans.
* Chronic wound care costs are estimated to be as high as $20 billion per year across the health care continuum.
* Wounds that wonít heal are costly in dollars and in terms of human suffering.
But there is HOPE. The PAMC Wound Care Program (WCP) is working to improve these statistics. Studies have shown that wound care treatment programs utilizing the latest advances in technology and delivered by a multi-disciplinary team of experts have reduced amputation rates significantly, improved wound-healing rates and reduced the length of stay during acute hospitalization.

Remodeling the Maturity Center

In continuing with Pacific Alliance Medical Centerís history of providing excellent maternity care, we are remodeling the maternity center and are adding an additional 6,500 square foot wing that will feature state-of-the-art equipment throughout. Upon completion, this new facility will house an expanded nursery with 22 new bassinets, 4 labor suites, a 4-bed recovery unit, and 2 delivery suites that can accommodate emergency surgeries so you wonít have to be moved to another room. In addition, the new Womenís Services Center will add 4 private LDRP rooms, so you and your family can experience the entire birth process together, as if in the comforts of your own home.

One of the most important choices to make when you are pregnant is where to have your baby. Choosing to have your child at the new Pacific Alliance Womenís Services Center will give you access to the very best in prenatal and postnatal care. You and your new baby will be treated with kindness and will receive excellent care throughout each phase of your pregnancy that will include education, personal comfort and the expertise of highly qualified professionals trained in the care and delivery of newborns and their mothers.

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WOUND CARE Meeting The Challenges Chronic Wounds

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